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In this blog, we talk about the ten key components to consider when developing a comprehensive digital strategy.

We discuss the importance of having a digital strategy to help your business grow in today’s digital world.

Whether we call your effort a digital strategy, digital marketing strategy or technology strategy, we hope you find these articles helpful. Collectively the series of articles can be used as a digital strategy checklist. We encourage you share your comments and additions to what you find important and helpful in creating your digital strategy.

  • Part 1 - Ten Key Elements of a Digital Strategy
  • Part 2 - The Customer Journey in the Digital World – Thank You Amazon, Apple, Uber and Zappos
  • Part 3 - Digital Marketing: Haven’t we been calling it our digital strategy?
  • Part 4 - Digital Strategy: Stop! I collect Analytics and I’m Not Afraid to Use Them!
  • Part 5 - What is the Role of Mobile Apps in your Digital Strategy
  • Part 6 - New Products, Services or Business Models: Digital Strategy as the Driver of Disruption, Innovation and Plugging Into the Digital Ecosystem
  • Part 7 - Operating Model: The Processes, People and Technology Supporting the Customer Journey
  • Part 8 - Digital Strategy at Formula-1 Speeds: Innovate and Fail Fast
  • Part 9 - Is a Fast-Speed Engine Part of Your Information Technology Strategy?
  • Part 10 - Digital Strategy Implementation: Rent vs. Buy Skills